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FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD

FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD | Promote Your Page Too

Let's face it: PC repair can be hell. Crappy tools, lack of documentation, lack of vendor support for repair, and perhaps worst of all, nobody ever seems to have enough money to pay for PC repair guys to clean up after their happy-ad-clicking. What a mess.

You came here looking for info about this thing, didn't you?
The best place for the latest info on F4UBCD is the official Facebook page: fb.com/F4UBCD. If you really can't stand Facebook, there's always Wordpress: falconfour.wordpress.com/tag/f4ubcd

Well, I figured I can at least solve one of those problems: crappy tools. Boot CDs are at the heart of many repair jobs. You can't fix a PC that's not booting, without an OS of some kind. And that OS might as well be designed to put the tools you need right in front of you instead of making you search for them. That's what I did with F4UBCD: I put everything I need to fix a PC right in front of me, within one or two keystrokes for most things. No long, convoluted lists of duplicate and obscure tools, no need to sift through a build script to create a slowly-loading fake Windows install. It's all right there, all ready to go.

For best results, read the latest blog post, then go like it on Facebook for the latest updates and tips.

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